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  • Samantha Withey

6 ways to re-vamp your living room without leaving the house.

The current situation is difficult for everyone, life as we know is on hold for the foreseeable future and we are all having to make adjustments. One thing that we are all doing tho is spending a lot more time in our homes. So naturally we want to make our living areas as relaxing and comforting to be in as possible. With all of the extra time many of us are using it to do things around the home and garden, however this is limited more and more as shops close and we become further locked down as a country.

So here are my ideas on how you can inject some life and freshness into your homes, without stepping outside your front door! These tips are not specific to the living room, they can apply to any room really.

1. Change the layout.

This is a simple, easy and free way of re-vamping your living room. You can either change the layout completely, or if this is not practical, go for the small wins, move around the armchairs and the lights, look around the rest of your home for any pieces you could swap or add into the living area, a footstool or statement chair, or maybe just a side table or reading lamp. Create a new zone, a reading nook perhaps, somewhere you can sit in the sunshine and have a coffee while reading a book or magazine. It doesn’t take much to make a room feel like a completely different space.

2. De-Clutter.

One of the best ways to make a space feel fresh and new is to de-clutter, especially before you start a project, it will save you moving things around that you don’t need to, and also you never know what you may find that you can re-purpose later on.

3. Change up the cushions.

There are various ways to do this. If you have a little spare cash you can always look online, H&M Home for example have some great low price cushion covers and they can be delivered to you at home. However if you don’t want to spend any money then look around your home, make use of those fabric remnants you have lying around, or re-purpose that old sheet or duvet cover you don’t use but don’t want to throw away, search through your wardrobe are there any items you can use in there, old jeans make great cushion covers as do fluffy towels or bath mats, tote bags with slogans are easily made into cushion covers. There are any number of items around the house that you can up-cycle into new ones.

4. Paintwork.

You may not have the money or the ability to go and buy some new paint, however most of us have several half empty pots of paint lying around from previous projects. First of all if you have the existing paint in the room, go around and touch up all of the scuff marks and dirty hand or doggy paw prints, and refresh the white gloss, this alone will give the room a great sense of freshness. Then if you have other paints, consider adding a feature wall, or even a feature on a wall, use tape to create a shape or geometric design.

5. Bring the outside in.

Adding plants to a space is the number one way to refresh it and make it feel more lived in and homely, bringing the outside in is a great way to boost mental wellbeing. Have a look around the house for anything you can turn into a plant pot, for example, old candle jars, baskets, tin cans or paint tins spray painted, cut down plastic bottles painted, old mugs or tea cups, tea pots, the list is endless really. Once you have your collection then go out into the garden and find things to fill them, or you can usually pick up small plants and cacti at the supermarket when you go and do your grocery shopping. When you bring them into your room place them in groups, this has more of an impact and if you have any trailing plants these look great hanging from the top of a bookcase or sideboard.

6. Add a picture gallery.

Most of us have boxes of photos shut away under the bed or in the attic, or saved on our phones or computers. Sort out some of the most special ones print them out if they are on a device and turn them into a gallery wall. The frames can be ones collected from around the house, old ones from the attic or shed and sprayed to match, or they can be made from old bits and pieces of wood you have lying around, old pallets, doors, old window frames etc. Remember the picture doesn’t have to sit in the frame or be covered with glass, think outside the box, or frame! They could just be mounted on top of the wood or hung with string and pegs, the possibilities are endless. Just remember when hanging them on the wall to lay them out on the floor first to make sure you have the design that you want, then if creating an irregular design, start with your central piece first and work outwards.

Be creative, recycle, upcycle, re-purpose, the possibilities are endless, but most of all have fun, keep busy and stay safe!

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